4031 Pacific Highway San Diego, CA
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4031 Pacific Highway San Diego, CA
(619) 738-0151

We Are a USAPL Silver Level Regional Training Center!

While y’all are putting in work on box jumps and snatches and deadlifts, your friendly local coaching staff have been working on some behind the scenes awesomeness to bring some more street cred to CrossFit Humanity. In addition to spending hours every day at the gym coaching and doing his own workouts, Coach Sal has been working on getting our gym certified as an official USAPL Silver Level Regional Training Center.

While it pretty much always sounds great to have additional credentials backing the gym, we figured that most of you would need a short explanation on what this actually means, so we’ve put together a little faq below. If you have other questions, please feel free to ask- send an email to cara [at] crossfithumanity.com Big thanks to Coach Sal for his efforts to make this happen!

USAPL Silver

What is USAPL?

USAPL stands for USA Powerlifting. They are the biggest drug-tested Powerlifting Federation in the United States. USAPL is the American Division to the NAPF (North American Powerlifting Federation) Region, which falls under the IPF (International Powerlifting Federation).

What did we get?!?! 

CrossFit Humanity is the newest USAPL Silver Level Regional Training Center (RTC) in the United States! We are the 19th RTC in the US and 2nd in California.

What does having this affiliation mean for the gym?

As a Regional Training Center, USAPL officially recognizes our gym as a means of promoting the sport of Powerlifting.  We will be endorsed nationwide for all USAPL athletes as a location to train in.

For example, if a traveling USAPL athlete needs a place to train or find a new home, or a new coach, they can see us and know we can accommodate to their needs!

Will this make us more awesome?

Heck yeah! As an RTC, on top of being endorsed by USAPL for Powerlifters to train with, we can also be a host site for future Powerlifting competitions, coaching clinics, and seminars.

Why is it cool to host competitions?

Regularly learn and play new sports! Sound familiar?

The sport of Powerlifting is one of the fastest growing strength sports in the country.

The competitive lifts of Powerlifting (Squat, Bench, and Deadlift) are an inherent part of CrossFit. Practically all of Humanity’s Powerlifters started off as CrossFitters.

Since 2014, Humanity’s Powerlifters have competed in over 19 competitions. So, it’s part of our community.

And to be able to host a sanctioned competition in our gym would help display our gym’s ability to branch outside of CrossFit and explore new opportunities within the health and fitness world.

Will it change the Humanity Barbell training program?

YES! On top of CrossFit Humanity becoming a Regional Training Center, Humanity Barbell was recently recognized as an official USAPL Powerlifting Team!

We have big plans! But, we don’t want to make them public just yet 😉

Competing has always been one of our main catalysts with the direction of the Club.

We have a lot of veteran lifters who continue to excel in training and in competition. We have many up and comers looking to compete and reach the National level.

We’ll always be here to meet the needs of members looking to get stronger and the needs of our competitive lifters.

That said, we will always stick with our core principle of welcoming all gym members who are looking to reach certain strength goals.

After all, every single Barbell lifter started out or still is a CrossFitter. We are one community!

How can I try Powerlifting out?

It’s open to all gym members! No, you don’t have to be strong to start. Just start!

We only ask you be able to commit to at least one Training Cycle and to contact the Barbell Coaches (Coach Sal and Coach Cathleen) before you come to a class so they can schedule an evaluation (movement, technique corrections, etc.) with you.

author: Philip Kavanagh

Philip ‘Irish’ Kavanagh is the owner and head coach at CrossFit Humanity. He made his way from Galway, Ireland to San Diego and in 2013, decided it was time to bring his dream to life: a gym and wellness center with intelligent coaching, a wide array of offerings, and a group of people guaranteed to make the experience fun for everyone. CrossFit Humanity was born.


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