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CrossFit Humanity Work Study Program

Would you like to work at Crossfit Humanity in exchange for gym membership?

We offer a limited number of work study positions to our active community members.

In exchange for 15 hours of work per month (Three (3) five-hour shifts), work study participants will receive free CrossFit classes. There is a minimum six month commitment for work study positions.

Work study participants perform a variety of duties. This may include checking members into classes, selling memberships and merchandise, responding to online and walk-in inquiries, cleaning, and a dash of this and that as needed. Most of all, we want you to interact with the other members! Being engaged and in touch with what’s happening in the gym and with our individual members makes our work studies an important part of understanding any issues and what we can do better Work study staff must demonstrate punctuality, respect, reliability, and help to make every member’s experience exceptional each time they come in for a workout.

To apply, please fill out the application form below, and attach a current resume. If you have other professional skills that you think may be of use, please indicate this when you apply – you never know where your skills may be put to use!

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