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4031 Pacific Highway San Diego, CA
(619) 738-0151

Humanity’s House Rules


We always want maintain a safe, fun, and effective training environment for everyone at CrossFit Humanity. To that end, we’ve outlined some house rules to help maintain this environment. We ask that all members, visitors, and guests adhere to our house rules.

Most of this stuff should seem fairly obvious to you (like cleaning up after yourself!) but we want to state even the obvious so that everyone is on the same page. There will be posters of these going up around the gym so you’ll see them often!

As always, if anyone has any thoughts, suggestions, etc, please let us know – email cara [at] crossfithumanity.com

house rules

Leave your ego at the door. Nobody likes a braggart. There will always be people better and worse than you.

Show up on time. Be respectful of the coaches’ and other members’ time. If you’re late, participation is at the discretion of the coach, who may assign others burpees while you watch.

Respect our equipment. We don’t go throwing your stuff around carelessly, please don’t do it to ours.

Clean up after yourself. This means putting away barbells, weight plates, and anything else you’ve used. Hang up jump ropes, stack boxes neatly. Leave the gym in better condition than you found it.

Spray and wipe. Your mom doesn’t live here. Use the towels and spray to clean the barbells, rigs, and any equipment you’ve used. Wipe down your blood, sweat, and tears.

Talk to us. Please tell us about any issues in the gym – broken equipment, things that need repairing, etc. We’ll get on it asap, but we might not know it’s an issue if you don’t mention it.

The WOD isn’t over until the last person is finished. Stay and encourage others in your class – you’d want them to do it for you!

Be mindful of injuries and weaknesses. No one wants to be DFL or have the lightest barbell, but doing something just for the sake of it isn’t smart.   

Scale workouts appropriately. See also: ‘leave your ego at the door’ Know when to scale weight, break down reps, or sub a different movement. Work with a coach to personalize your workout.

Mobilize! Mobility is like sex – do it every day and you’ll be happier and feel better. 🙂

Don’t cheat. No one cares if you only lifted 20 pounds today or if you came in DFL. Everyone cares if you cheated.

Respect the Schedule. Scheduled classes have priority – don’t come in and do your own workout during class time. Either do the class, or come during open gym.

Work hard. Try repeatedly. Keep coming back. Hard work earns respect. Push yourself and others in the gym to get better.

Respect your coaches. When they’re talking, let them talk. They’re there for a reason! Ask questions, take feedback from them.

Try something new. Don’t say “Can’t”. Maybe you couldn’t yesterday, but you’ll never progress if you don’t work on it. You may surprise yourself!

Play! You’re here to work hard and get fit, but you’re also here to have fun!

author: Philip Kavanagh

Philip ‘Irish’ Kavanagh is the owner and head coach at CrossFit Humanity. He made his way from Galway, Ireland to San Diego and in 2013, decided it was time to bring his dream to life: a gym and wellness center with intelligent coaching, a wide array of offerings, and a group of people guaranteed to make the experience fun for everyone. CrossFit Humanity was born.


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