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Humanity Barbell

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Humanity Barbell? Tell me more!

  • What is Humanity Barbell?

    Humanity Barbell was established in 2014 and is the strength training segment of CrossFit Humanity. Its intent is to provide trainees with more in-depth general strength training using compound barbell movements and enhanced with various accessory exercises.

  • What can I expect when training with Humanity Barbell?

    During Humanity Barbell sessions, a new trainee will be assessed to help determine if they are at a novice, intermediate, or advanced level.

    The trainee will be in a learning environment that allows the trainee to learn and move at their own pace.

  • Why does that matter? Don't we just all do the same workout anyway?

    This very beneficial as it will help determine if any personal modifications will be done to the programming. A novice trainee may be given more time to practice technique drills and given corrective exercises to improve their movement.

    Intermediate and advanced trainees may be given more complex exercises.

  • Do I need to compete?

    We also aim at providing more sport specific training for Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting. Competing is not a requirement, but is often encouraged. It helps a trainee focus on improving their strength, builds community, and is fun!

  • How awesome is Humanity Barbell?

    Members of Humanity Barbell have competed within USAW, USAPL, and USPA Federations. Our competition teams have garnered multiple top 3 placing spanning across several weight classes and our Nationally qualified (under USAPL).

Patience and consistency are the key ingredients to Humanity Barbell!

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